History Friday: Norman Rockwell

One of Rockwell’s most popular covers for the Saturday Evening Post, ‘Homecoming, G.I.’ was published just weeks after the Allies had won World War II. First published May 26, 1945, Rockwell’s cover features a G.I. finally returning home. Rockwell was known for depicting scenes in his hometown of New York City. The theme of ‘homecoming’ was used across many of Rockwell’s images for the Saturday Evening Post, but this was the one selected by the U.S. Treasury’s 8th and final war bond drive. Posters for the war bond drive were often accompanied with top and bottom text reading, ‘Hasten the Homecoming! Buy Victory Bonds’. After his 47-year career at the Post, Rockwell’s name is commonplace in American culture and his works are classic examples of modern American art.