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Ultra rare Hungarian ‘Waffen-SS’ poster, ‘I Fight, You Must Work for Victory!’, artwork by Gyorgy Szennik (1923-2007), printed by Alliance of Eastern Front Veterans, 1944, 39.75 x 28.5 inches. Minor tear and minor water damage at bottom edge. The Alliance of Eastern Front Veterans (KABSZ), was a paramilitary organization in Hungary which was used as stormtroopers under the command of Prime Minister Bela Imredy. Later in 1944, the KABSZ joined the Arrow Cross party, a party modelled after the German Nazi party. The organization was preparing for a coup of Prime Minister Imredy but that was circumvented. Eventually, members of the organization joined the Hungarian SS Division and formed an official body, the SS-Kampfgruppe Ney, under the direction of Dr. Karoly Ney. They were attached to the IV. SS-Panzerkorps and used to support the Konrad operations in January 1945. The group participated in some military operations but this was only approved by the Germans. The leader of the Arrow Cross Party, Ferenc Szalasi declared the group illegal in February 1945 and this pushed the group to be even more cruel in their acts. In March 1945, the group captured eight Allied parachutists. Three soldiers were given to the Germans, and the remaining five were taken to the woods with Hungarian civilians, stripped of their clothes, deemed spies, and executed by machine gun fire. The group was officially terminated on March 17th, 1945 and they surrendered to the Americans in May 1945. Ney and five members of the group were tried as war criminals in Salzberg, Austria for the murder of the Allied fliers and were eventually sentenced to death in June 1946. This sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in September 1945. Freeing under an amnesty, Ney later worked as an American agent, organizing clandestine arsenals and sabotage groups in the CIC training center in Lambach, Austria.