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Cream-colored damask napkin from the famous Hotel Platterhof located at Obersalzberg and embroidered ‘Der Platterhof Obersalzberg’ in one corner. During the Third Reich, Hotel Platterhof stood on the Obersalzberg mountainside a couple of hundred yards from Adolf Hitler’s Berghof and was part of the restricted area, the Fuhrersperrgebiet, and connected to the bunker system. Countless famous people stayed and visited the Platterhof Hotel over the years. After the end of the war it was eventually rebuilt by the US Army and turned into the General Walker Hotel. The remains of the hotel were demolished in the 2000s by German authorities. The original site of the hotel has been turned into a parking lot of the Documentation Obersalzberg museum. 14 x 13 inches.