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Unissued certificate for donors who donated funds for the construction of a new Zeppelin ‘Hindenburg’. The document is issued by the ‘Zeppelin Hilfswerk in U.S.A.’, a black-and-red printed poster, 1 page 8.5 X 12.5 inches, in German, most likely directed at members of the American Bund, Germans in general, and Nazi sympathizers, who were living in the United States. The poster is headlined ‘Wir Helfen’ (We Help), with a half-page image of a Zeppelin with Swastika insignia on the tail fins, a blank space for the donor’s name, followed by the text in German: ‘…with his donation for the construction of a new Zeppelin airship ‘Hindenburg’, he has earned the gratitude of the old homeland and all those, who with unshakable trust in the performance of the German ‘worker of the forehead and of the fist’ believe in the ultimate victory of the German spirit [‘Arbeiter der Stirne und der Faust’, a term crafted by Hitler and first printed in the NSDAP newspaper Voelkischer Beobachter on June 5, 1921]. Signed in print ‘Zeppelinhilfswerk in U.S.A. (Zeppelin Aid Works), with a red printed seal from the same organization. Very good.