Summer Poster Auction


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Start price: $100

Estimated price: $200 - $400

Auction house commission: 25%

Poster made in WWI by R. Lee Muck, A.G.F., Medical Corps, of Leasburg, Missouri for ‘cooties’. In WWI, the term ‘cooties’ mean lice and posters were often made to stop the spread of lice and remove it from soldiers. This handmade poster combines the typical cooties poster with other health posters made for soldiers about venereal disease. ‘They are gray. They are bloodsucking. They live in blankets and clothes…If you do not get rid of ’em, they will cause sores and boils; and you will be an unpopular candidate for a hospital.’ In the center of the poster is a scantily clad woman with red bold lettering beneath her, ‘one of them’. Attributed to the American Red Cross Military Hospital, No. 9, in Paris. Dated 1918. 22.5 x 15.5 inches. Paint and pencil on cardstock paper. Pinhole marks, bumped corners, minor abrasions, and minor tears.