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Rare 1923 poster announcing a public meeting of the NSDAP in St. Gallen, Switzerland, for Hitler to give a speech for his party and raise funds. Hitler, accompanied by Rudolf Hess, visited Switzerland from August 26th to August 28th, 1923, two months before the Beer Hall Putsch. He was invited by Ulriche Wille, Jr. a Swiss officer whose father was the Supreme Commander of the Swiss Army in WWI. His father was a known anti-bolshevik, germanophile, and friend to Kaiser Wilhelm II. In 1923, Weimar Germany was going through an intense period of hyperinflation and Hitler visited Switzerland with the immediate aim to raise money amongst Swiss Nazis and industrialists. On his itinerary for the trip, he travelled through St. Gallen and visited with the Wille family in Zurich. He gave a speech and ultimately collected 30,000 Swiss Francs which helped to finance his Party Operations. At the Beer Hall Putsch Trial, Hitler was charged with treason and questioned on how top Party officials were being paid with Francs just before the Putsch. He vehemently denied ever having visited Switzerland to avoid making it seem like the Party was being controlled by foreign interests. The Swiss equivalent to the German Nazi Party, the National Front, was not reestablished until 1933. 35.25 x 25 inches. Some chipping at the edges, with a 6.75-inch long tear at top and a 2.75-inch tear on right side. Tears should be mended with archival tape.