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(1891-1980) German Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander of the German Navy, he briefly succeeded Hitler as Reichspresident and Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht until Mai 23, when he was arrested. Extremely rare war date letter personally sent by Donitz to U-Boat Kapitanleutnant Goetz Baur, at the time a Prisoner of War in Canada, who commanded the German submarine U-660 in 3 patrols and sinking 2 ships. Goetz was forced to scuttle his submarine in the Mediterranean after sustaining damage by depth charges from HMS Lotus and HMS Starwort November 12, 1942, but saved his entire crew. Typed letter signed, no official letterhead, Berlin, dated 17. June 1944, reads: ‘Dear Baur! On your birthday, which you have to spend in captivity far from home, I wish you all the best. Despite all the adversities that besiege you over there, don’t lose your courage and remain the soldier and warrior that you were as a submarine commander despite being a prisoner. Please greet all comrades in your camp. With comradely greetings and Heil Hitler! Your, Donitz’ Boldly signed in black ink at conclusion by Donitz. WITH: The original transmittal envelope addressed ‘Kriegsgefangenenpost Oberleutnant zur See Goetz Baur England / Camp 4 Nr. 59 933.’ The address was corrected to Canada in red pencil. The return address reads ‘Abs: Grossadmiral Donitz, Berlin, W 35 Tirpitzufer 76.’ Censorship labels by the German Oberkommando der Wehrmacht and the foreign examiner.