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Extensive group of WWII and communist era Soviet orders and badges with award certificates belonging to Army Senior Sergeant NIKOLAY PETROVICH PESNEV (born 1898), a member of the Communist party since 1917.This extensive lot consists of the following items:1. Pesnev’s original Military Identification pass books from 1941, 1944, and 1948, with a war veterans identification book issued 1985. Worthy of further research and translation.2. Order Award Book, issued and awarded May 1945, containing his war-date photograph and award entries for:2. a) The ‘Order of The Red Star’, numbered 1816641, with a slight loss at the 3 o’clock arm (see pictures).2. b) The silver ‘Medal for Courage (Bravery)’, numbered 2029734.3. Medal for the Victory over Germany 1941-1945, with award certificate issued 1946.4. Medal for the Capture of Koenigsberg 10 April 1945, with award certificate issued 1948.5. Order of the Red Banner with ribbon, and award certificate issued 1967, numbered and engraved ‘MINT 531702’.6. Soviet Guard’s Badge, no certificate.7. Lapel pin Soviet Award Badge for 50 Years of Membership in the Communist Party (since 1917). With certificate.8. Commemorative medals for 20th (1968 certificate), 30th (1975 certificate), and 40th (1985 certificate) Anniversary of Victory over Germany 1941-1945.9. Lenin Centenary Medal for Military Valor with certificate issued 1970.10. Commemorative medals for 50th and 60th Anniversary of Soviet Armed Forces with certificates issued 1971 and 1978.11. Soviet Veteran badge with certificate issued 1981.12. Order of the Patriotic War 1st class, engraved and numbered ‘Mint 1850076’ with certificate issued 1985.13. Veteran medal certificate issued 1973 ( no medal).14. A receipt from a hospital dated 1945 and a receipt from 1986. Untranslated.15. Two additional small passport photos from the 1980’s.37 pieces in total.