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The Greek Commemorative War Medal 1940-1941 was instituted by Royal Decree of August 19th 1947. It was instituted to recognize the actions of the Royal Greek Armed Forces who took part in the war efforts from the outbreak of the war in Greece in 1940 until the fall of Crete in 1941. It was also awarded to foreign forces that fought on Greek soil. On the obverse, it bears the head of H.M. King George II in relief, also a laurel wreath peripherally, entwined by a ribbon and interrupted with an inset crown. On the other side, and also in relief and one over the other the date 1940-1941 and the names EPIRUS, ALBANIA, MACEDONIA, THRACE, and CRETE in Greek capital letters. It is manufactured of bronze, in the color of aged bronze. The ribbon is silk fabric, has a width of 34 mm, and bears five stripes of white and blue. Very good.