June Militaria & Autograph Auction

Lot 90:


The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $400

Estimated price: $800 - $1,200

Buyer's premium: 25%


1) 1942 German ‘Ministerialpass’ ministerial passport or diplomatic passport, for Claus Petersen, Ministerialrat at the Reichsministerium fur Wissenschaft, Erziehung und Volksbildung (Official for the Reich Ministry of Science, Education and Culture). The cover of the passport bears a gilt Reichsadler with a swastika, it is number 2710 and was issued 13. October 1942 for foreign travel. Petersen was born 11. February 1893 in Husum, northern Germany, near the Danish border. The passport has 33 pages, three extensions, and multiple Danish visas and permits from the German Foreign Office for 1942 through 1945. Page three has Petersen’s passport portrait and his clipped signature from another document affixed to the page. The last extension did not expire until 1. February 1946. The passport bears many stamps from the border crossing Kupfermuhle – Krussa near the German town of Flensburg, the most important border crossing to Denmark. On 9 April 1940, German troops crossed the border here beginning the invasion of Denmark.

In addition to the Ministerial passport the Petersen grouping includes:

2) A second ‘Ausweis’ identification document (A158 7.39 Reichsdruckerei, Berlin), 3 x 4 inches, 4 pages, ‘Ausweis Nr 265’ issued to Claus Petersen Minsiterialrat, Berlin 7.8.1942 stamped by the Reich Ministry, page three has his passport photographs and signature.

3) Award certificate for the Social Welfare Decoration Third Class ‘Ehrenzeichen Fur Deutsche Volkspflege Dritte Stufe’, issued Berlin, 26. Juli 1944, to Ministerialrat Claus Petersen in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, with a stamped signature of Adolf Hitler and countersigned by Otto Meissner.

4) Award certificate for the 25-year Civil Service Faithful Service Medal in silver ‘Silbernes Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen’, issued Berlin, 20. August 1938, to Regierungsdirektor Claus Petersen in Schleswig, with a stamped signature of Otto Meissner.

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