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Rare ‘Wanted’ poster offering a reward of 10 Million Czech Korunas for information about suspects in the assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich (1904 – 1942) Nazi Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia and the main architect of the Holocaust. In part: ‘The Deputy Reich Protector came from his car…a man stood up, trying to fire shots at the occupants with a submachine gun…a second man threw an explosive device at the car…Anyone who could give information but does not provide it to the police will be shot with his family…’ Heydrich was critically wounded and later died of his injuries on June 4, 1942. The poster is printed on red paper in two languages, German and Czech, approx. 24 x 18 inches. Signed in print by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer and General of the Police KARL HERMANN FRANK (1898 – 1946) After the war, Frank was tried, convicted, and executed by hanging for his role in organizing the massacres of the people of the Czech villages of Lidice and Lezaky. Folds, some wear on the edges.