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German safe conduct pass and surrender leaflet dropped on the Russian soldiers during WWII. Possession of this document promised the Soviet military members to cross the front line without any complications. It also promised a guarantee of good treatment as a captive and a quick return to the homeland after the war. In part: ‘The German army is fighting for the new order to replace the old order, Communist devastation and outrage; for bread instead of hunger and poverty. The return of landlord capitalists will not be allowed … The peasant yards and private lots that were in the possession of the collective farmers (kolchozniki) will be returned as private property to peasants and will not be taxed…In case of good harvest…peasant lots will be doubled in size. These peasants will be given the opportunity to increase their number of livestock accordingly…Besides this, the Germans’ freedom of religion…’, double-sided, 6 x 8.25 inches. According to recent figures, 3.5 million Soviet POWs died in German camps. POWs who survived German captivity and returned were sent to special camps to determine which were potential traitors.