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Yuri Gagarin (1934 – 1968) Soviet Air Forces pilot and cosmonaut who became the first human to journey into outer space, achieving a major milestone in the Space Race; his capsule, Vostok 1, completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961. Gagarin died tragically on March 27, 1968, on a routine training flight. With: Gherman Titov (1935 – 2000), Soviet cosmonaut who, on 6 August 1961, became the second human to orbit the Earth, aboard Vostok 2. A month short of 26 years old at launch, he remains the youngest person to fly in space. Black-and-white photo devoted to the launch of the Soviet automated space station ‘Zond-3’ on July 18, 1965. The station succeeded in taking the first photos of the dark side of the moon. The photo is signed by Yuri Gagarin and Gherman Titov in black ink, 6.5 x 4.5 inches.