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(1902-1960) A Soviet military commander who served as Chief Marshal of the Artillery in the Soviet Armed Forces. He was honored as a Hero of the Soviet Union for his service during WWII. In 1959, Nedelin was promoted to Chief Marshal of the Artillery and became an important figure in the development of ICBMs and the Space Race. On 24 October 1960, Nedelin was killed in a test rocket explosion at Baikonur Cosmodrome during the Nedelin disaster and became the highest-positioned casualty in the Soviet Space program. The cause of his death was the top Soviet secret until the fall of the USSR in the 90s. A positive military evaluation given to the Division Commander of the 268th Artillery Regiment Konstantin Krasovsky, 2 pages. Nedelin signed the document in his capacity as the Head of the Artillery of the 37th Army, General-Major of Artillery, signed and dated ‘August 28, 1942’ in red pencil on the bottom of the second page, 8.525 x 11.5 inches. Extremely rare signature.