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(1896 – 1968) Marshal of the Soviet Union, Rokossovsky played key roles in the defense of Moscow and the counter-offensives at Stalingrad and Kursk. He was instrumental in planning and executing part of Operation Bagration—one of the most decisive Red Army successes of the war—for which he was made Marshal of the Soviet Union. He was among the most prominent Red Army commanders of World War II With: Pavel Batov (1897-1985), considered to be one of the most brilliant generals in the history of the Soviet army. During World War II, Batov commanded the 51st Army in the Crimea. Promotional document for Major Konstantin Evstratov of the 354th Infantry Division to the next rank of the Lieutenant-Colonel. Document signed by Rokossovsky, on the second page in black pencil, and by Batov, on the second page in red pencil, 1944, rough edges, 2 pp., 8.25 x 11.75 inches.