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Lot of five books about the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, published between 1936 and 1941, in German. It includes ‘VOLLTREFFER!’ (‘Direct Hit!’) by Hermann Kohl, Ensslin and Laiblin, 1940, with multiple black-and-white photos of the Luftwaffe members, paratroopers, Hitler. WITH: ‘FALLSCHIRMJAEGER HIER UND DA’ (‘Paratroopers Here And There’) by Walter Gericke, Schuetzen, Berlin, 1941. The book contains 74 black and white photographs related to the German WWII paratrooper branch. WITH: ‘WIR SUCHEN DEN FEIND. KAMPF DER AUFKLAERER IM WESTEN’ (‘We are Looking for the Enemy. The Battle of the Reconnaissance Aircraft in the West’) by Heinz Pape, Publishing House C. Bertelsmann Guetersloh, 1941. WITH: ‘FLIEGER AM FEIND. EINUNDSIEBZIG DEUTSCHE LUFTFAHRER ERZAEHLEN’ (Airmen at the Enemy. German Pilots Tell Their Stories’) by Werner v. Langsdorff, Publishing House C. Bertelsmann Guetersloh, 1940, the first edition. The book contains the stories of WWI major German aces, with numerous photographs. It conveys the German perspective. WITH: ‘DAS WUNDER DES FLIEGENS. EIN BUCH VOM FLIEGEN UND FLUGZEUGEN’ (The Book of Flying. A Book about Flying and Airplanes.’) by Franz Ludwig Neher, Kurt Pechtein Publishing House, Munich, 1936. Spine partially detached. As-is.