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Die Parole Der Woche, the official party wall newspaper – NSDAP propaganda poster commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the day when Hitler was named the Chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg. The poster displays a black and white drawing: Hitler’s portrait in front of the German eagle. At the bottom of the portrait is a laurel branch signifying victory and honor. In addition, the poster features several lines from the ‘Russlandlied’ (‘Russia Song’): ‘Freiheit das Ziel – Sieg das Panier – Fuehrer befiel – Wir folgen dir’ (‘Freedom is the goal, Victory the banner, Fuhrer command, we follow you). This song was composed by Heinrich Anacker, Hans Tieszler, and Hans-Wilhelm Kulenkampf, then revised by Goebbels himself, to be the anthem of Germany’s war of annihilation with Stalin’s USSR. As a sticker on the backside indicates, the poster is one of the ‘Parole der Woche’ (‘Slogan of the Week’) publications, i.e. a wall newspaper published by the Nazi propaganda department. Printed ‘Reichspropagandaleitung H.A. Pro. P I/3 30. Januar – 14. Februar 1943.’ 23 x 33 inches, mailing folds, multiple splits at folds, and paper loss. Still a very rare propaganda poster.