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A porcelain pendant decorated with miniature portraits of ADOLF HITLER’s mother Klara Hitler (1860 – 1907) and of his father Alois Hitler (1885 – 1903). Adolf Hitler supposedly gifted this pendant to his secret love and half-nice GELI RAUBAL (1908 – 1931), the daughter of Angela Raubal, Hitler’s half-sister. Raubal was close to her uncle from 1925 until her suicide in 1931 and lived at his Munich apartment for several years as well as at the Berghof. Hitler was extremely possessive of Raubal, becoming infatuated with her. He reportedly told his close friend, photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, that he was so concerned about Geli’s future that he felt to have to watch over her. ‘I love Geli and could marry her. I want to stop her from falling into the hands of someone unsuitable.’ The pendant features one hand-painted portrait on each side, the diameter of the porcelain pendant is 24.5 mm (0.75 inches), unmarked, and is attached to a 16-inch chain. After Geli committed suicide her room in Hitler’s Munich was apparently left in the same state as she left it, and Hitler is said to have not entered her room ever again.