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Lot 192:


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Lot of three German books.

1) Jude Und Arbeiter (Jew and Worker) Author: F.O.H. Schulz, 1942, Nibelungen-Verlag, Berlin Leipzig, 1942. 192 pages plus 14 pages of illustrations. Historical and social study of the influence of Judaism on the leaders of Marxist socialism from the perspective of the National Socialists

2) Bismarck Und Die Juden (Bismarck and the Jews) Author: Franz Perrot, 1931, Verlag Max Galle, Berlin, 288 pages, bound in blue linen. Franz Perrot (1835 – 1891) was a member of the German Reichstag and accused Jewish businessmen of being responsible for the financial crises of 1873.

3) Die Juden Als Rasse und Kulturvolk (The Jews As a race and a cultured people) Author: Fritz Kahn, 1921, Welt-Verlag, Berlin. 250 pages. Fritz Kahn (1888 – 1968) was a German Jewish physician who published popular science books. In late 1938, shortly after Kristallnacht, Kahn’s books were placed on the list of ‘damaging and undesirable writing’ and his books were publicly burned. He immigrated to Palestine.

All books are in German language.