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Lot of ten National Socialist books focused on race, ethics, discipline, and culture, published between 1914 and 1943, in German. It includes ‘DIE STIMME DER AHNEN’ (‘The Voices by Our Ancestors’) by Wulf Sorenson, which was likely a pseudonym for HEINRICH HIMMLER or Fritjof Fischer, Im Nordland, Magdeburg, 1936. It is an essay expressing the significance of Paganism and racial memory. WITH: ‘ZUCHT UND ORDNUNG. GRUNDLAGEN EINER NATIONALISTISCHEN ETHIK’ (‘Discipline and Order. Fundamentals of the Nationalist Ethics’) by Georg Usadel, Hanseatic Publishing House, Hamburg, 1935. WITH: ‘DEUTSCHLAND. DIE GEISTIGE WIEDERGEBURT EINER NATION’ (‘Germany. Spiritual Rebirth of a Nation’) by Dr. Johann von Leers, Erich Zander, 1941.WITH: ‘DAS NEUE UNGARN. EIN SIEG DES VOELKISCHEN GEDANKENS VON EINEM DEUTSCHUNGARN’ (‘The New Hungary. Victory of the National Thinking in the German Hungary’), Deutscher Volksverlag, Munich, 1920. WITH: ‘DER PAPST FUEHRT KRIEG’ (‘The Pope is Leading a War’), Ludendorffs Publishing House, Munich, 1939. WITH: ‘KRIEGSAUFSAETZE’ (‘Wartime Essays’) by H. Chamberlain, Bruckmann Publishing House, Munich, 1914. WITH: ‘ZUCHT UND SITTE SCHRIFTEN. DIE NEUORDNUNG UNSERER LEBENSGESETZE’ (‘Discipline and Conventions. The Reorganization of Our Laws of Life), Munich, 1943, many photographs. WITH: ‘ZUR VERVOLLKOMMUNG DER HAFTPFLICHTVERSICHERUNG’ (‘Perfecting the Liability Insurance’) by K. Jannott, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1940. WITH: one volume containing the economic immediate program of the Nazis in the form of material for speakers, Munich, 1932. WITH: one volume about the National Socialist Party stand on alcohol abuse, Berlin-Dahlem, 1938. Some books are in library bindings, containing NSDAP Library stamps, notations.