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Lot of seven antisemitic books containing the National Socialist race theory and perceptions, written in German. It includes ‘DAS BLUTGESETZ UND DAS EHEGESUNDHEITSGESETZ’ (The Blood Law and the Law of Marriage Health’) by Christian Mueller, Verlag Standesamtswerken, Berlin, 1937. The book contains diagrams of allowed/ unallowed marriages and comes with one page of handwritten notes produced by someone who apparently used the book to study its theory. WITH: ‘ALTGERMANISCHER GLAUBE NACH WESEN UND GRUNDLAGE’ (‘Old German Beliefs. Essence and Fundamentals.), Volume 10, by H. Guentert, Carl Winter University Publisher, Heidelberg, 1937. WITH: ‘DIE GROSSE TAEUSCHUNG’ (‘The Great Deception’), Part I, by Friedrich Delitzsch, Karl Rohm Publishing House, Lorch, 1924. It contains a critical treatise on the book of Psalms that was later used by his student Paul Haupt to advocate the thesis of the Aryan Jesus. WITH: ‘DIE REDEN HITLERS ALS KANZLER. DAS JUNGE DEUTSCHLAND WILL ARBEIT UND FRIEDEN’ (‘Hitlers Speeches as a Chancellor. Young Germany Wants Work and Peace.’), Eher, Munich, 1034, with an introduction by J. Goebbels. WITH: ‘BAIRISCHER FASCHING. DENKWUERDIGER BRIEFWECHSEL UEBER POLITIK UND KULTURKAMPF’ (‘Bavarian Carnival. Memorable Letter Exchange about Politics and Culture Fight’), by Xaver Schleinkofer and Alois Schwendbuechler, Deutscher Volksverlag, Munich, 1924. WITH: two volumes of National Socialist bibliography, published in 1936 and 1939, once cover detached.