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Lot of four German books published between 1924 and 1939 that contain essays about history, perceptions of the Jews, and criticism of religious institutions. Written in German. It includes two volumes by Oswald Spengler, a famous German historian known for his idea of culture as a superorganism with a limited and predictable lifespan: ‘Construction of the German Reich’ (‘Neubau des Deutschen Reiches’), C.H. Beck, Munich, 1924, cover and title page detached and ‘The Hour of Decision’ (Jahre der Entscheidung), Part One, C.H. Beck, Munich, 1933. WITH: An antisemitic volume by Walter Frank, ‘Listen, Israel. Harden, Rathenau and the modern Jewish Question’ (‘Hore Israel. Harden, Rathenau und die moderne Judenfrage’), Hanseatic Publishing House, Hamburg, 1939. The book focuses on the Jewish people who lived in the Weimarer Republic, including Walter Rathenau and a Jewish journalist Maximilian Harden, and it denounces the Jewish character. WITH: A volume by Dr. E. Gottschling ‘Abuse of the Souls in the Monasteries’ (‘Seelen-Missbrauch in Klostern’), Ludendorff, Munich, 1937. Chipping at edges and covers,