Auction 102

Lot 176:


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Start price: $120

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Auction house commission: 25%

Lot of six drawings related to the Holocaust. The art works are executed in brown and blue ink on random sheets of paper, ranging in size from 4.25 x 76.75 inches to 8 x 11.5 inches. The drawings include scenes of a Jewish man wearing a Star of David in front of barbed wire a guard in uniform and a dead body on the ground titled ‘Konzentrationslager’; three Jewish men with a Star of David on their coats having their identifications checked by German soldiers; a group of men wearing armbands with the Star of David in front of a proclamation in German reading ‘AUFRUF To the residents of the Jewish district According to orders from 22 July 1942…’ which was the beginning of the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto; a drawing of a bearded man in a robe; drawing of a Rabbi blowing the Shofar with an untranslated caption in Hebrew; and a drawing of a group of five Jewish men titled ‘Judenrat.’ Undated and unsigned. Six pieces.