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Nazi propaganda wall chart or ‘Wandfries’ (mural) to be used as a school teaching aid in German schools during WWII. This poster displays Die Heimat ruft! – The homeland is calling – The return of the Volhynia Germans to the Greater German Reich. The print depicts a winter scene with an endless trail of horse-drawn carriages with ethnic Germans smiling at a smiling and waving German Waffen-SS Officer accompanied by another Waffen-SS soldier and a Nazi flag flying in the background. Despite the smiling characters the entire scene feels rather ominous. The Nazi-Soviet population transfers in 1939/40 followed the invasion and division of Polish territories between the Reich and the USSR. Germany had used ethnic Germans in eastern Europe as an excuse to invade those areas and eliminate the Jewish population. Large numbers of the population were sent to forced labor, concentration camps, or massacred by both countries. Print after original art by W. Planck, Published by Verlag Der Praktische Schulmann Stuttgart, Number 268, with Text in Schulmann Heft 4/1940, Offsetprint by Fricke & Co, Stuttgart, 25 x 36 inches, bumped edges, with minor tears around the edges, torn lower-left corner.