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Letter from a prisoner at the Dachau concentration camp 3K on the official stationery, with the censorship stamp. In German, dated January 24, 1942, and addressed to the prisoner’s parents and siblings. The author of the letter is Father Leon Poprawa, born on June 28, 1909, prisoner number 28391, Block 28/1. Father Leon Poprawa was a young priest when World War II broke out. On October 6, 1941, he was arrested and later sent to the Dachau camp. Having been liberated from Dachau after the war, Poprawa reflected upon his concentration camp experiences in his book ‘Crumbs of War Memories’ (‘Okruchy wojennych wspomnien’), written in Polish. In part: ‘Dear Mother and siblings…It is good that you wrote to the beadle. I am asking you to keep delivering him reports in this manner since it does not only concern him but everyone. I am curious whether Mietekruch has sent money already. Blarek and Mietek would not need to worry since Antoni would need to take care of it now. From him, money would always arrive on time. I have not received any money from you yet. If would be better if you did not send me any more money…Sending packages and packets is not allowed…they are sent back unopened.’ 4 pages, 6 x 8.25 inches. Very good.