Auction 101

Lot 78:


The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $70

Estimated price: $140 - $240

Auction house commission: 25%


Lot of two letters written by and to an inmate imprisoned in the concentration camp Flossenburg in southern Germany.

1) A hand-written letter, 6 pages, on official camp correspondence form with printed rules for outgoing mail, dated June 9, 1940, from Prisoner Karl Hoetzl, Prisoner 1775, Block 3, to Lenca Hoetzl residing in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. In part: ‘…I am glad that you are all in good health. I am also healthy…you must order booklets for the Legacy Director. He should give you samples and amounts…’ Includes the original envelope bearing rules for outgoing mail and the official stamp of the camp.

2) A hand-written letter from Lenca Hoetzl to the concentration camp prisoner Karl Hoetzl, 4 pages, dated August 20, 1940. In part: ‘…your letter did not bring us a lot of joy. Please respond to me as soon as you receive my letter. I do not know how the District Office, the government police, the local authority of the city, Hotel Fronek and Hotel Krone pay for newspapers. Hotel Chodenhaus needs to pay only for the illustrated paper, but I do not since when…Not a single day passes (not a single minute) when we don’t think about you.’ Very good.