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Good group of eight documents regarding WWI veteran and Sturmfuhrer Georg Goegelein, founder of a local Ortsgruppe of the Reichswehr in 1921, until the dissolution after the Hitlerputsch in 1923. The documents show that he joined the S.A in 1929 and transferred to the NSKK in 1931, the same time he joined the NSDAP. Included in this grouping is a Fragebogen (questionnaire), Dec. 17, 1936 with his biographical details, membership in the NSDAP, NSKK and SA, proof that he is not a jew; a marriage application setting forth his wife’s family’s religious background; July 16, 1935 transcript from the NSKK that he has passed Master Craftsman certification; 1936 recommendation letter affirmed by the NSKK re: Goegelein’s work for the City of Koblenz; transcript from his military pass listing all battles fought by Goegelein in WWI; two 1936 NSKK letters certifying that the man had originally joined the S.A. in 1929 and joined the NSKK IN 1931; NSKK letter confirming Goegelein’s service as founder and platoon leader of the local Ortsgruppe of the Reichsflagge; and a 1936 letter confirming his membership in the NSDAP, no. 672 202. All documents bear file holes.