Auction 101

Lot 39:


The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $100

Estimated price: $200 - $300

Auction house commission: 25%


(1901 – 1944) Red Army General responsible for many operations in Ukraine as commander of the Southwestern Front, and the Voronezh Front during the Battle of Kursk. During the Soviet liberation of right-bank Ukraine, Vatutin led the 1st Ukrainian Front, responsible for the Red Army’s offensives to the west and south-west of Kiev and the eventual liberation of the city. He was ambushed and mortally wounded in February 1944 by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, one of the highest-ranking casualties of the Red Army. Signed document, a performance evaluation of a supply manager Valisy Alexandrovich Panamarev, 1938, 4 pages. In part: ‘Comrade Panamarev…is well developed politically, morally stable, there were no instances of hesitation in implementing the party line…Health condition: weak. Signs of tuberculosis and gastrointestinal disease. The nervous system is severely shaken…Comrade Panamarev can sometimes be hot-tempered, rude…political work in the warehouse is insufficient… the condition of the warehouse property and accounting are good. There have been no instances of property destruction or loss.’ Signature on third page fourth from the bottom in light blue pen. Also signed by Kondrat Gerasymenko on the fourth page as ‘Commander of Troops of the Kiev Military District’. Very good.