March Militaria & Autograph Auction

Lot 352:


The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $80

Estimated price: $160 - $280

Buyer's premium: 25%


Lot of two Zeppelin LZ 4 souvenirs cast from remaining aluminium of the crashed airship, includes: a spoon, 8.25 inches long, the handle engraved with the facsimile signature of Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin ‘In memory of 5 August 1908’. On the back the handle is engraved with an image of the Zeppelin above Mainz am Rhein and the inscription ‘Cast from the remains of the Zeppelin Airship’ and the maker’s mark ‘Wilh. Berg Luedenscheid’. WITH: a souvenir coin cast in memory of the crashed Zeppelin, 1.25 in. in diameter. The front shows a bust image of Graf Zeppelin, reading ‘Graf Zeppelin Ziel Erkannt – Kraft Gespannt!’ (Goal in sight, let’s take flight). The reverse shows a relief of the Zeppelin airship above Mainz cathedral and reads ‘Gepraegt Aus Den Resten Des Luftschiffs 4 u 5 Aug 1908 Dauerfahrt Friedrichshafen Mainz 583 Klm’ (Cast from the remains of the airship 4 and 5 August 1908 endurance flight). Very good.

The Zeppelin LZ 4 was a German experimental airship constructed under the direction of Ferdinand von Zeppelin. First flown on 20 June 1908, it was destroyed when it caught fire after landing to carry out engine repairs during a projected 24-hour endurance trial. This disaster proved fortunate for Zeppelin: donations by the German public raised 6.5 million marks, so guaranteeing the future of his development of airships.