March Militaria & Autograph Auction

Lot 257:


The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $80

Estimated price: $160 - $300

Buyer's premium: 25%

‘Artists for Victory’ poster stamps from the ‘A for V’ National War Poster Competition. Here are the chosen 50 winners from over 2,243 submitted entries. Faithful reproductions of the original posters. Uncut sheet of stamps, 19.5 x 12.5 in., dated 1943. The illustrations presented here include depictions of German U-boat crews machine-gunning shipwrecked sailors, an American sailor with a Japanese sword in this back, a soldier standing over a dead woman with a bloody bayonet, emaciated and terrified children, a dove impaled on a bayonet, and patriotic depictions of American soldiers, planes, factory workers, and agriculture. Commonly-used slogans accompanying the images include: ‘This is the Enemy’, ‘Slave World or Free World’, ‘Victory Starts Here’, ‘Work to Keep Free’, ‘Deliver Us From Evil’, ‘Join the Silence Squad’, and the ubiquitous ‘Buy More War Bonds and Stamps’. The bottom of each image lists the title and artist of the piece, and the verso of each stamp bears a short bio of its artist. Iconic American propaganda art produced during the war. Some separation at perforation. Very good.