March Militaria & Autograph Auction

Lot 227:


The auction will start in __ days and __ hours

Start price: $100

Estimated price: $200 - $300

Buyer's premium: 25%

WWII American original propaganda poster, 12 x 9 in., 2 pages. Mock Wanted poster seeking ‘Adolf Schickelgruber Alias Hitler’ for ‘Murder; Arson; Grand Larceny; Possession of Firearms; Piracy; Treachery; Religious Persecution. Shoot On Sight!’. Features two mug shots with facsimile set of five fingerprints at bottom, each with a swastika. His description includes ‘Shaggy lock hand over forehead…demented gaze…football mustache…marked devotion for brown shirts…’. Particulars section states ‘This man has tendency to become hysterical, has been known to throw himself on floor and gnaw rugs…delusions…about his place in history…sadistic, malicious, bombastic, vengeful, mystical, maniacal, …suffer from dreams of persecution…worked at only one known trade – house painting.’ Text on bottom half includes ‘If captured dead or alive, the reward will be freedom for the entire world and peace for all nations.’ The poster advertises ‘See the picture Hitler fears – After Mein Kampf – ?’ The backside shows a colored advertisement for a feature called ‘I loved a guy with a gun – Escape from Crime Plus the movie ‘After Mein Kampf ?’, a montage of two images announcing ‘The true facts about Nazism…The bestial persecution of Catholics and Jews! Things you never dreamed possible this side of hell! Starts Wednesday, Aug. 19th Theatre 8th & Market Sts. First Philadelphia showing.’ Three small tears, bumped corners. Very good.