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Rare broadsheet newspaper for the German 1932 presidential election. ‘Hitler Reichspraesident Wahlzeitung Nr. 2 Sonderausgabe des Flammenwerfer’ (election paper no. 2 special edition of the ‘Flamethrower’) Franz Eher Verlag, 4 pages, 14.75 x 10.75in., the cover shows a stark, full page photograph of Hitler’s head only, staring straight at the viewer, the last page features a full page poster by Mjoelnir (Hans Schweitzer) showing a giant worker with a Swastika belt buckle, breaking chains, looking angry on group of enemies, a Jew, a capitalist, a communist, etc., with the words ‘Enough! The people rise! Vote Hitler’. The inside shows more propaganda, the words ‘Clear the path for the German storm surge’ across a picture of hundreds of SA members and workers. Asking to to vote again to vote for Hitler. The ‘Flamethrower was another publication from propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and published by the Eher Verlag. Folds and two tears at fold and edge, rough edges. Rare.