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Early issue of the virulently anti-semitic newspaper ‘Der Sturmer’ (The Stormer) published by JULIUS STREICHER, Nuremberg, 1936, Number 52, 8 pages, 17.5 x 12.5 inches. The headline reads ‘Satan before the Court’, and refers to the case of Leopold Obermayer, a Jew and Homosexual, who ultimately was murdered in 1943 in the concentration camp KZ Mauthausen. The large cartoon on the front page is titled ‘Plans of the Talmud’ showing a caricature of a Jew holding a book titled ‘Talmud’ above the Star of David, to the right is a brutish looking man with the hammer and sickle on his shirt, before a world map covered with flag markers on the continents; on the desk lays a square and compasses, the sign of Freemasonry. The cartoon is subtitled ‘The bolshevization of the peoples is preparation for the Jewish world domination by all means’. This issue also features a full page by FIPS (Philipp Rupprecht) titled ‘Zeitspiegel’ (Reflections of our times) and shows a series of nine vignettes starting with ‘For England…black glasses to avoid seeing its Jews’, ‘Switzerland…a Talmud for research’, ‘Holland…a ritual knife to circumsize its non-jewish citizens’, ‘Czechoslovakia…a hook and rope to hang itself in the event of a Russian invasion’, ‘America…the key to the race question and a free subscription of the STURMER), finally ‘For the dear Jews…a mirror. If they look at it, they will have enough’. This issue also features an advertisement for Streicher’s anti-semitic book ‘Don’t trust a Fox’. As always, the bottom of the front page reads ‘The Jews are our Misfortune!’. Folds and some loss to the edges, file holes at the top. Extremely rare.