Auction 100

Lot 33:


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Start price: $70

Estimated price: $140 - $200

Auction house commission: 25%

Large group of WWII German ID’s and documents with photographs of students in early organisation uniforms: Farm service ID’s for students, 3 volunteer work service ID’s, one Arbeitsbuch, a duty service, book, NSV people’s welfare ID, a SA sports badge record book prohibiting the bearer to wear the sports badge, an early sports achievement record book, membership card DNST (German Nationalist Students), Automobile Sport Driver License (1926). Service book for Student work camp (19933/34); duty book University Cologne with stamps the student entered the SA; student member ship book for Aryan students only, belonging to a female student with stamps, 2 German Reich Sports badge books. Group photograph, Christmas 1939, 3. Pioneer Feldpost Number 02406, mounted onto 10 x 8 in. board. Propaganda booklet, ‘Was ist die N.S.D.A.P.’ (What is the NSDAP?) showing a ‘Deutschland Erwache’ standard with a faceless stormtrooper, published by the communist International Worker Verlag, Berlin. NSDAP donation card Frankfurt, 1933. NSDAP membership card Ortsgruppe Bergfelden for a Martin Voegele December 1, 1939. 30 pieces, worthy of further research.