Auction 100

Lot 31:


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Auction house commission: 25%

Good lot of two Wehrpasses. The first document was issued December 8, 1939 at Melk, Austria, belonging to Leopold Poeggsteiner, born in Vienna, September 18, 1918. His service begins July 20, 1939 with the Flieger Ausbildungs-Regiment 24 1.Kompanie in Wischau (Czechoslovakia), his service continues until he is transferred to 5./Jagdgeschwader 106 on October 6.1944, after which there are no further entries. He was trained as a mechanik, no awards are recorded. Note that the Swastika on the cover of his Wehrpass has been filled in, possibly using it as an ID after the war ended.

The second document is from WWI veteran and architect Hugo Wienadt from Berlin, born April 17, 1881. Wienandt served at the Western Front until the end of WWI and had the pleasure to return to the Western Front again in December 1939, until he was discharged in February 1942, possibly from suffering of high blood pressure, but a doctor notes at his discharge examination, Wienandt ‘does not seek compensation from the Wehrmacht’. He mostly served in the Luftwaffe Nachrichten Gruppe. He was awarded the WWI Iron Cross Second Class. Fine.