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Very interesting grouping and Wehrpass for a 21 year old Luftwaffe soldier, one of twelve soldiers killed in battle against partisans on August 13, 1943, in Nowosielec, east of Warsaw. This document was issued to Hermann Hoffmann, from Oberwesel (St. Goar, Koblenz), born March 10, 1922, a seaman on the Rhine river, as his included Passport documents. Hoffmann volunteers in March 1942 for the Luftwaffe and is being transferred to the 2./ Flieger-Ausbildungsregiment 21 (Reims, France). Eventually he transfers in March 25 to the 2./Kraftfahr-Ausbildungs-Abteilung der Luftwaffe 13 (Deggendorf, Bavaria), and on July 4, 1943 to the 1./Kraftfahr-Ausbildungs-Abteilung der Luftwaffe 21 in Nisko (Krakau) to secure the General Gouvernement for the Occupied Polish Region. The final entry is on October 28.1943 by the company commander confirming Hoffmann’s death on August 13, 1943 at Nowosielec, near Krakow. Included are four letters to the family from company commander Heirich and three b/w negatives. Heirich writes to the family on October 18, 1943 ‘In memory of the fallen comrades during the fight against bandits on 13.8.1943 we prepared pictures of all graves and each individual grave…sending you a picture of the resting place of your dear son…the negativ is enclosed’. The next two letters concern additional photographs. The final letter is the transmittal letter for the Wehrpass ‘Wehrmeldeamt St. Goar Abt. Luftwaffe 30.1.1943 Enclosure 1..the Wehrpass in remembrance of your son who died on 13.8.43 for Volk and Fatherland’. The enclosed negatives show a row of trucks loaded with flag-covered coffins, Hoffmann with a dog, and Hoffmann with a comrade and dog. Included is his passport stamped ‘Rhine Ship Pass’ valid until August 31.1941, which allowed him entry into France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and a protective cover for his Wehrpass. 10 pieces total. Very good.