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Soviet medal ‘For the Restoration of the Black Metallurgy Enterprises of the South’, brass, 32 mm in diameter, secured by a ring through the medal suspension loop to a standard Soviet pentagonal mount covered by an overlapping 24 mm blue and white striped ribbon. On the obverse on the left side, the relief image of a rebuilt blast furnace, at right, a worker with a tool for punching tapholes, in the background at center, the rising Sun with rays going up. Along the medal side and upper circumference, the relief inscription ‘For the restoration of the black metallurgy enterprises of the South’, at the bottom, the relief image of a five-pointed star over a laurel wreath. On the reverse, the relief image of the hammer and sickle over the inscription on two lines ‘Labor in the CCCP – A Matter of Honor’.

The medal was a civilian state award of the Soviet Union established on May 18, 1948, to recognize personal achievements in the restoration of the Black Metallurgic Enterprises of the Soviet Union which were destroyed during the Great Patriotic War.

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